Monday, August 10, 2015


There seems to be a surplus of agendas on the market this year. All of a sudden every company/brand has released their own agenda for the upcoming school year, which has made it difficult for me to choose an agenda. I have been going back and forth on all different types of planners. I went into Paper Source the other day and had a look at all of the planners there, and that honestly really helped me decide more of what I want. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites and what I think of the layout of some of them, as well as share which one I have decided on!

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So for the past two years I have used a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, and this year I have been playing with the idea of trying out a different agenda. Day Designer has actually recently partnered with Target and released a more affordable line of their planners. I picked up the gold striped one the other day for only $12! They are all really cute and I really like the layout on the inside. The days are actually laid out in list. I really liked that aspect as I tend to think and work in lists. I went ahead and bought it because I figured I could return it if I changed my mind but I didn't want it to be sold out if I decided I wanted this agenda.

I went into Paper Source and had a look at the agendas there, which honestly really helped me make my decision. So, I died earlier this year when I saw that Rifle Paper Co was releasing agendas because I absolutely love Rifle Paper Co's designs. But when I looked at it today the one thing I wasn't a huge fan of was it didn't have a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month, it was only at the beginning of the whole planner. The Kate Spade ones are cute, but the one thing that I wasn't a huge fan of is that the majority of these planners are super plain on the inside. I had a peek at the one too and that one was just a tad too kitschy for my taste. Last, I peeked at the inside of this years Lilly agendas and I don't think I can resist. I mean they're just fun and bright and they worked well for me these past two years, so I am pretty sure I have made my decision.

I just went into way too much detail about planners and things... I never thought I would be one of those type, but I'm such a sucker for stationary... eh... whatever... lol

Thanks for reading!!

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