Sunday, September 13, 2015


Yes, I am dedicating an entire blog post to Nutella and there is zero shame.

 A few months ago I had stumbled across a couple articles on Italian Nutella vs American Nutella. Which is about to be so confusing because Nutella is originally from Italy, but I’m talking about Nutella that was made in Italy. Anyways I had read that Italian Nutella is better than American Nutella. There is all of this hullabaloo over this because both Nutella's have the same ingredients, but they supposedly tasted different.

Which I have had this theory for years that European Nutella in general is better than American Nutella (I mean, my theory in life is European food in general is better). When I went to France I bought a jar of Nutella and thought it was better than the Nutella here. Except when I told people everyone told me I probably thought it tasted better because I was in Paris…. Curses of being the youngest, no one ever believes what you say. 

Anyways since reading up about Italian Nutella I have been dying to try it, which I happened to mention to my parents months ago. Well, I came home for the weekend and my parents recently went to an Italian store in Arlington and my dad surprised me with a jar of Italian Nutella!!

The verdict:

Italian Nutella is totally better than American Nutella. The Italian Nutella is richer, smoother, slightly nuttier, and I think the chocolate tastes better, it's not as sugary or processed tasting as the American one. The differences between the two are slight but they are definitely present. My theory on the taste difference is just that the Italian one is probably made with higher quality ingredients.

So basically you will 

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