Friday, November 20, 2015

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PRAISE!! This week is over! This was the longest week ever (the melodrama is real). From the horrible beginning of hearing about the tragedy in Paris, to busyness with school, I am so glad the week is finally over! I am so thankful to be home, with the fam, and best of all to have a break from school!! Anyways, I like it when bloggers sum up their weeks with interesting links that they stumbled across over the past week, so here I am doing my own!

This stunning video will give you an idea of the amount of work that goes into haute couture, there is a reason why some of this stuff costs the amount that it does.

A throwback to this SNL video that accurately describes going home for Thanksgiving.

Reclaiming Delight - this article is v old but still v relevant. 

This set of haunting photos that show where Syrian refugee children are forced to sleep puts everything into perspective.

Coffee lovers rejoice, here's why you should be drinking coffee.

This article about the mood in Paris after last week's attacks.

I've been listening to Kings Kaleidoscope a ton this week and this song has particularly hit home with me. It so perfectly outlines the contrast between how broken we are and the sweetness of God and how much we need Him.

Thanks for reading!!

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