Friday, January 15, 2016



Well, my last week of break is over and class starts Tuesday. I am looking forward to getting back to having a routine, but at the same time break went by so fast... As it always does. This seemed to be a week full of movies. I started off the week watching the Golden Globes! Which, I'm usually not super into celebrity stuff but man I just like watching award shows! I also caught up with Star Wars this week, well the original three. After seeing the new movie I wanted to know the rest of the story, thankfully my dad is a big Star Wars fan and has the original three movies, so we watched those. I still do want to watch the first three (or the prequels), though even though everyone hates them. I can say that I actually like Star Wars. I never had anything against Star Wars, it just never interested me before. After finishing Episode VI, I then proceeded to watch this documentary on the movies, lol.... Hey! It was really interesting. I digress... Anyways, I have some links to share with you today!

Oscar nominations were released this week, super exciting!!

Stumbled across this picture earlier this week and it is the description of my life.

I was super sad to hear that Alan Rickman passed away this week (aka Snape). BuzzFeed compiled this post of 23 of the Best Professor Snape Moments in honor of him. Seriously, if you don't have a soft spot for Severus Snape than you have no heart.

I'm in need of a new phone case and I have been eyeing this one, so fun!

Adele Carpool Karaoke

Gray Malin's home tour, enough said.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Things I've Been Loving // December 2015

Ahh, a new year. I always have mixed feelings about the new year. Sad to see the last year go, excited for a new year to come, but I never really see it as a "new" beginning. 2015 was a tough year, I learned a lot and a grew a lot throughout this past year. I never really make new years resolutions, but I guess if you were to ask me my main goal for 2016 would be to push myself outside of my comfort zone even more than I did in 2015.

 Anyways I know I just did a post for things that I had been loving during December, but because I like talking about things I like I'm going to do another post.

I got the idea for some of the categories on this list from Charlotte B. Harris. It's kind of ironic because I was actually planning on doing a post like this before I even saw her post. I ended up putting it off because I couldn't think of enough categories until now, which this all happen in the span of a morning. Anyways here are some things I have been into recently!

watching // A lot of YouTube, aka my guilty pleasure. It seemed like every YouTuber was doing Vlogmas. But, some of my favorites have been Zoella and MoreZoella, Anna Saccone Joly, Tanya Burr, and Makeupbytiffanyd. I also just made a post of some recent movies I've watched!

planning // Things I want to do before I head back to school.

wanting // A year full of excitement and adventures. Also, I tried on a cape the other day at Zara and I'm kind of trying not to want one but boy do I want one.

reading // Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo, this is the third book in The Grisha Trilogy. I've been into fantasy recently which is kind of out of the norm for me, but I've been enjoying this series.

missing // Being busy, I like having a break but I also enjoy having things to do.

feeling // Excited for 2016.

wearing // I got a Patagonia pullover for Christmas and that thing is honestly like the best thing ever.

eating // Way too much sugar.

drinking // Too much coffee and hot chocolate.

listening // Apart from Christmas music, I've been embarrassingly into Justin Bieber, as well as Troye Sivan.

Looking [forward to] // I mean, I don't want to sound redundant but the new year...

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


So, I'm not the biggest movie person. I like movies don't get me wrong, but I just don't have the attention span for movies. The thing is I want to be super into movies, but usually when I sit down to watch a movie I can't make a decision on anything so I just don't watch anything or I do not pay attention from the beginning. I also have a bit different of a taste in movies than most people. Anyways, I do appreciate a good movie and I have watched a few good ones recently.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, mainly due to the fact that I haven't seen a Star Wars movie since I was like 5 years old. My dad is the only one in my family who actually follows the series, so he "dragged" my family to the movie theater the day after Christmas to see it. I was actually a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie and how much I understood despite my limited knowledge of Star Wars. Action movies typically aren't my favorite because I find that they lack in plot and go overboard on special effects. With the exception of this movie, it had a really good storyline, the right amount of action, and a little humor thrown in. Also, can we talk about how the main character is now a girl (holla!). Daisy Ridley was amazing in this movie, this was her first real movie and she did a fantastic job!

Testament of Youth
My nerd side and odd movie taste is coming out. So, I'm a fan of historical movies as well as dramas as well as romance. On top of that I am also drawn towards BBC things too, and this movie was all of the above so I decided to give it a go. Little did I know how sad this movie would be. I don't think I have ever cried so much during a movie before, I started crying about halfway through and didn't stop until the end of the movie. I also didn't realize that this movie was based off of a true story until I got to the end of the movie. The main character Vera Brittain is an young aspiring writer who has everything she could've ever wanted until the war hits and rips it out of her hands. This movie is a World War I memoir that elegantly outlines the frivolousness of war. This movie was heartbreaking, but it was still really good.

I wanted to see this movie from the second I first saw the preview, it looked totally up my alley. This movie was completely and totally 100% my type of movie, I loved it. The main premise of the film is it is about a young Irish girl named Eilis, who moves to Brooklyn because she has better opportunities there. The main theme throughout the movie is home, and what makes a home. Ugh, this movie was just such a beautifully crafted film and it was totally a tear jerker too! I was crying within in the first 10 minutes of it!

I'm sorry if this post wasn't super interesting, I just like good movies and talking about them afterwards! Also, I am not typically a movie cryer so the fact that two movies made me cry is actually a miracle. So yeh....

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