Friday, March 25, 2016

// Links //

I am so thankful that this week is finally over, it has been a really long week. Monday morning was a nightmare. I thought I had, had my plans for the summer pretty much down, until this week when everything went up in the air. I have just been super confused this week and trying to trust God that it will all work out. On top of all that I have been fighting off a cold all week that hit me Sunday night and has been lingering ever since. Also, I woke up Wednesday morning and my left eye was just a little red, well by the end of Wednesday both eyes were red and goopy, and I woke up Thursday morning to them being red, goopy, and really swollen. I went to the CVS Minute Clinic and found out I had pink eye... Needless to say it has not been my week, I am more than thankful it is the weekend and that I am going home this weekend for Easter. I have never wanted to just go home so bad in my life.

With all of that being said I have been feeling kind of uninspired this week, but wanting to make a post. So, I figured it was a good time to share some links I stumbled across this past week! Enjoy!

This Baby Dior promo is to die for.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chick Flicks

Chick flicks are 100% my guilty pleasure. I just love me a good chick flick and I can never get enough. With that being said I thought it would be fun to discuss my top 5 chick flicks, which let me tell you narrowing this down to 5 movies was a feat. But, nonetheless I somehow managed to do so. Btw, may I mention this list is not concrete, so it may fluctuate... lol

5. 13 Going on 30
This movie is a classic and will forever have a special place in my heart. Real talk: this was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw. Growing up this was my friend and I's go-to movie. I actually just recently watched this (PSA: It's on Netflix) and I had forgotten how good it was!

4. The Parent Trap
Talk about another classic. I could watch this movie over and over and it would never get old! 

3. The Fault in Our Stars
I am a bit ashamed to have this movie on here, which I totally shouldn't be! But Augustus Waters.... I literally wish he was a real person... hah.

2. Titanic
So, similar to 13 Going on 30 Titanic was my first cheesy, romancy, chick flick. I mean I could never get tired of this movie. Actually most of the time when I watch this I don't even watch the whole this, once the boat starts sinking it's basically over. But, young Leo DiCap... heh.

1. Love, Rosie
So this is a fairly recent movie, but I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS MOVIE. The casting is perfect, the plot enthralls you and it's the perfect mix of funny and heartfelt.

Honorable mentions:
Pride & Prejudice
The Proposal
Mamma Mia
Funny Face

What are some of your favorite chick flicks?

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Trends I'm Loving for Spring

For the past few years I have been really frustrated by the spring trends, I just always felt like everything was really ugly and unflattering. Which, I am not really a huge trend following to begin with--in general I love classic pieces with classic cuts. But, this year I am actually kind of excited about the things that are trending and I have been loving a lot of the "in" clothing. While a lot of the things that I dislike aren't really going anywhere, i.e. chokers, crop tops, Birkenstocks, but there are things that I actually like. Part of it might be I actually warmed up to some trendy things, but the other part is that I actually like some of the things.

Sunglasses // pair one // pair two //

There are so many fun sunglasses out right now and I am kind of loving it. More specifically I am loving the Quay and Illesteva shades, I just love all the fun shapes and cool mirrored lenses.

Lace-up Shoes // pair one // pair two //

Again, love. I'm not really sure what else to say...

Blush Pink // sweatshirt // wallet //

I'm not super into pink, but for some reason I've been loving the blush trend. It's just such a pretty color that goes with almost anything!

High Neck // shirt // dress //

The high neck thing has kind of been around awhile, but I've been more into it recently. I just think it's such a flattering cut and it's a bit different that just regular sleeveless tops.

Rose Gold // headphones // watch //

I LOVE ROSE GOLD. If something has/is rose gold it's automatically 100% better than if there was no rose gold.

Those are just a few things that I have been loving recently!

Are there any trends you've been into?

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

// Thoughts //


I've been struggling a lot with thinking of things to post recently. I really enjoy blogging and I love talking about things that I like and am interested in. But, at the same time I think that there is a lot more to life than just materialistic matter. I not only want to share more about myself and who I am but also about God and who He is and how the two intermix.

My main goal when starting this blog was to kind of equally talk about not only more materialistic things I'm into, but also to talk what all is going on in my life and what I may or may not be struggling with. I want anyone out there reading this to feel like they know me, or like they can relate. I want them to see me as a person or a friend and not some superficial being who seems like they have everything together. I want to be seen as my real self. Which in order to do that I think I need to go deeper and be more personal, which I'm pretty sure right now I just have 1 post that isn't just surface level.

Now apart from myself, even though I did make this blog as a way for me to put my thoughts out there this is all starting to sound very me, me, me, I didn't make this blog with just myself in mind. Ultimately, I think it would be cool to have a blog that other women can look at and feel empowered by. I want women to look at my blog and see that it's okay to have a variety of interests and it's okay to not have everything together all the time. I want women to look at this blog and feel like they have a friend or that they aren't alone.

This post was originally going to be about something else but I had more to say than I realized. I still feel like I have more I could say, but I think I'm just going to leave it as this for now. Well, hope you enjoyed my ramble incoherent thoughts.

Thanks for reading!!