Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to Keep up With the News

So I really enjoy the news. I was basically raised to enjoy the news, I grew up in a family who eat and breath current events. Growing up I never really had to put in much effort to know what was going on the in the world, as I always just overheard what was going on just by being at home. I also grew up right outside of Washington DC, so the local news was basically the national news.

Since coming to college keeping up with the news has been the struggle. Unless I make an effort to find out what all is going on in the world, I'm not going to know. On top of that it is hard to make time for the news with everything going on in college too.

But, I do think that at least knowing the basics of what is going on in the world is important. I enjoy knowing what is going on and educating myself on issues and forming my own opinion of where I stand. I also think it is especially important to do so with the elections coming up.

Can I just say really quick, if you are voting this November please be open minded and educate yourself on both parties and their stances before making your decision. I feel like so many people make their decisions on random tidbits they overhear or word on the street or who their friends or parents like, which are all not ways of making an educated decision. I digress....

Anyways, here are some easy ways to keep up with the news if you struggle with it like myself.

This is one of my favorite ways of keeping up with current events, basically any source of news has a Twitter account and they will Tweet the latest happenings throughout the day. This is one of my favorite ways of keeping up with the news because you can tailor it more towards the sources you're interested in. The Washington Post and The New York Times are both classics and two of my faves.

Sometimes I'll turn on The Today Show in the morning, while it is definitely not the most in depth source of news; as it is a talk show. It is a good way to wake up and get a little of an idea to what all is going on.

I feel like everyone knows what the TheSkimm is by now. But it is an email subscription service that will send you daily emails of the basics of what is going on in the world. I am subscribed but I don't really ever read the emails. But, if you really don't ever read the news this is definitely a good starting place.


I recently discovered the NYT Now app which I really like. It's easier to check on the go, as it's on my phone and I just have to touch one button rather than search for an email. The New York Times also has a similar email subscription service to TheSkimm, called The NYT Now Morning Briefing. I actually prefer these emails over TheSkimm it is a little more in depth.

For the most part any news source that I can access on my phone is great because I will often use the time before class starts to check up on the news.

Hope this was helpful for anyone who struggles with keeping up with the news!!

What are some of your favorite ways to keep up with the news?

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

God is Good.

Let me just preface this post by saying God is so, so good. I had a really rough week a couple of weeks ago, as mentioned in this post, and I kind of wanted to update y'all on what all has been happening in my life. It started off with an interview Monday morning, for what I initially thought was my dream opportunity and ended with me being ecstatic about an new opportunity that I never would have been ecstatic about before.

Let me explain. I am currently majoring in fashion merchandising and for my program I need an internship in order to graduate. Well, my plans all throughout college and up until this week were to do whatever I could to go spend my summer interning in London. I applied for this internship program in London back in February and was ecstatic when I got accepted, it suddenly seemed like all of my dreams were coming true, and I was finally taking my life into my own hands.

I was super excited to make a post on here about, but I wanted to wait until my plans were more concrete before I started posting it everywhere.

I had an interview Monday morning (almost three weeks ago now), and that is when my world came tumbling down. The interview was with a PR company in London. Which to be completely honest I have never thought about PR before in my life, I am not really even sure what a PR company does. But, I was trying to be opening minded with the opportunities this program had to offer.

Nonetheless, I did the interview and immediately called my mom after in tears. Which was when I first voiced my uncertainty with my plans to go to London. I was overcome with the idea of maybe going to London this summer wasn't a good idea, and just confused about my emotions and whether if it was fear or God calling me in a different direction.

Come Tuesday I decided to start contacting places near home, just to see what would happen. I sent out a ton of emails to a bunch of local boutiques and ended up getting a good amount of responses, which I was super surprised about. I was also surprised that I was more excited about these opportunities near home than I was about my "dream" London internship.

Throughout all of this I was praying and trusting in God that it would all work out. I can't say it was easy, as I am human and I like having answers and I like having answers immediately. I prayed and prayed that He would give me a clear direction of where He wanted me to go. All the while trying to be open minded towards either direction.

Now, to clarify about the interview with the PR company. It's not like it went terribly because on Wednesday I found out I got an internship with this company. So, I had this London company interested in me and all of these local boutiques near home interested in me.

I already had plans to go home that weekend for Easter, so I was able to meet up with one of the shop owners and was basically offered the position the second I walked in the door. Also, she was asking me if I could do basically all of the things I wanted to do, such as the visual merchandise display and social media. Just having all that spelled out for me made it clear that, that was the direction that God wanted me to go. God is so good.

While it's hard to say no to a dream that I initially thought was right for me and what may seem like a "once in a lifetime opportunity." It's easy to say yes to God and trusting God with His plans for my life. While it is sad to see a dream die, I know that means that God just has even better plans for my life and I honestly feel like I am right where I am supposed to be.

This past week has just been such a great reminder of just God's character. God is so good and He does not leave me stranded, He walks through the storm with me and guides me. 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare, and not for evil, to give you a future, and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

This whole experience has been such a blessing. God has been so gracious in showing me the opportunity at home. I can easily regret even trying to go to London, but I know if I never tried to go to London I would not see the opportunities at home as opportunities.

While, I still don't know exactly what this summer has in store for me; I am trusting in the Lord and in His plans for my life. For I know His plans for me are far better than my plans for myself.

Hope this rambly story encouraged someone out there!

Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

// Links //

These weekly Links posts seem to be the only posts I ever make, which is a tad upsetting but I really enjoy making them! Anyways, glad for it to be the weekend! These past few weeks have definitely been going a lot smoother than my last Links post! Which, I promise I will update you all more on that in the near future! Meanwhile I have some fun links to share with y'all!

I have been loving the current She Reads Truth plan on The Resurrected Life. If you are looking for a good devotional I seriously recommend this one! It's a 2 week plan focusing on the events that happened around the resurrection and how the resurrection shapes our life. I've seriously been loving it.

This insane car chase that happened in LA earlier this week. My roommate showed me this and the two of us were dying over how ridiculous it was.

Stripes. *all the heart eye emojis*

I personally think that it is important to educate yourself on issues before making a decision on what your beliefs are. I stumbled across this article this week, Transgender 101 (for Conservative Christians), and I just thought it was really well written and worth the read no matter your feelings toward the issue.

An interesting article on Americanized Chinese food. At least I thought this was interesting, but I like nerdy stuff like this.

I'm not a big celebrity person but Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's Vogue shoot is stunning.

Monday, April 4, 2016

London // Places to Shop

Well, I have finally reached the end of my London posts! Today I am finally going to be sharing some places to shop in London! Enjoy!

Harrods is a London classic. It is a super high end department store and while you probably won't be doing much shopping there, it is 100% worth checking out. It is the fanciest department store I have ever been it, it makes Saks Fifth Avenue look like Macy's.

It's no secret that I love Liberty (seen here) and while Harrods is definitely worth the visit, Liberty is more of my tastes. While the price tag is still not in my range, the aesthetic of the store was enough to please my fancies (lol).


Primark. Omg. I have waited years to visit Primark and it was just as magical as I thought it would be. Now, it was crazy busy and it is huge and there is a ton of stuff. But, the prices are what make it worth everything. Primark is dirt cheap and they have super on trend things. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, I was a fan and so was the rest of my family.

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston. Again, the style of Cath Kidston is basically every girly thing I love all wrapped up into one package. Again, just the aesthetic of the store is totally worth the visit. Cath Kidston is on the pricier side, especially the clothing, but they have super adorable homeware things too that are a bit more affordable. AKA they have the cutest mugs. It is definitely worth checking out, especially because the shipping to the US on their website is ridiculous.


All I really have to say is you cannot go to the UK and not go to Topshop. Also, Topshop is one of the few things that is actually cheaper to buy in the UK than it is in the US.

Carnaby Street

Right behind Liberty of London, Carnaby Street is a pedestrian street full of fun little shops and cafes, like Jack Wills and Monki and some other fun little quirky shops.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is another greet shopping street in London, it is probably comparable to 5th Avenue except maybe not a ritzy. You'll find stores like Primark, Selfridges, and a Lush that has products that are exclusive to only this store.

Now, there is obviously tons more of shopping in London but these are just the places we went and enjoyed! We never got to explore areas like Covent Garden and Kikki.K (literally the cutest stationary), which is just why I'll have to go back!

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, April 1, 2016


If you were to ask me a few years ago what my favorite season was, I would've told you either fall or winter. If you were to ask me today what my favorite season is, I might still say fall but it would be very closely followed by summer. 

I never used to be a big fan of summer. Sitting inside in the cold AC, feeling exhausted the second you step outside in the hot & humid weather, and the clothes, ugh always feeling too exposed. I always missed my candles, snuggly blankets, hot beverages, cozy socks, and hiding in my comfy sweaters.

But something happened over the years and I can safely say that I am a changed woman, because now I love summer. I crave summer at the end of each winter impatiently waiting for the weather to stay consistently warm. Somehow over the years, I've begun looking forward to summer.

I look forward to:
  • Iced coffee
  • Colorful shorts
  • Sunshine
  • Flowers
  • Sandals
  • Summer mornings
  • The beach
  • Adventures
  • Fresh produce
  • Sundresses
  • Sun kissed noses

I have a couple other honorable mentions that I like about summer that need further explaining. First, getting into hot cars. I love getting into a car that has been baking in the sun. I think it feels so good, but after about 5 seconds I am ready for the AC.

The second thing is country music. Now I am quite the novice when it comes to country music. I just recently started getting into it, so I know like nothing. But, there's something about driving around in the summer with the windows down playing a little bit of country. It just feels oh so right.

I am more than ready for summer.

What do you look forward to in the summer?

Thanks for reading!!