Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I really enjoy baking and cooking (especially baking) so I wanted to start sharing recipes on here too!  I find baking to be really relaxing and it's just fun to experiment and try new things. 

For my first recipe on here I figured I would share my favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are an American staple and if you're American you have most likely made this same recipe before. 

But my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe is the one on the back of Toll House Chocolate Chips. I have tried tons of different chocolate chip cookie recipes all claiming to be the best but none of them beat the Toll House recipe. This recipe is consistently good, the cookies always have the best consistency and a nice buttery flavor it's just too good.

You can find the whole recipe here. I do make one small alteration. Instead of adding one cup of butter, I add half a cup of butter and half a cup of shortening. I really like doing half and half because you can get both the fluffier texture from the shortening and while keeping in some of the buttery flavor. I also usually leave out the pecans, much to my mom's chagrin, because I'm not much of nut person.

Another pro tip I have is to refrigerate the dough before baking the cookies, for either a couple hours or overnight. I know there is some scientific reason why this helps the cookies bake better, but the only thing I know is that the cookies actually do come out better if the dough is chilled first.

I have one last tip! DO NOT wait until the whole cookie looks golden brown to pull them out of the oven! I usually bake mine 8 minutes max, sometimes even 7. I usually pull them out just when the edges start getting brown, the rest of the cookie won't look done but do not let that deceive you! I then take them out and let them sit on the pan for about 5 minutes, which they'll bake a little bit more just sitting on the pan, and then I put them on a cooling rack. That, my friends, is how you get a chewy cookie.


Thanks for reading!!

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