Friday, July 15, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Something I love is hearing about people's favorites, not really any specific favorite but just in general. I don't know why favorites are so appealing to me, but they just are. I think favorites help you really get to know a person and see what they like no matter how big or small that favorite is. 

Shannon made this post about a year ago, she was inspired by Oprah's favorites, but it really stuck out to me since I love favorites. I feel like I've been lacking on personal posts lately, so I thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know me better!

Btw, I am terrible at making decisions so quite a few of these have several answers... whoops!

animal: pug! :)

blooms: peonies and tulips!.... and poppies

ice cream flavor: gah, probably cookies & cream

reads: The Book Thief

sport: what are sports? do the olympics count?

meal: breakfast!

movie: Les Miserables, Funny Face, & Love, Rosie

music artist: Mumford & Sons

tv show: New Girl or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or Gilmore Girls

nail polish: Essie Fiji, Geranium, and Bikini So Teeny

summer activity: let's go to the beach each!

color: purple

travel destination: london

song: I have a new favorite song on a daily basis.... thanks to Spotify...

clothing brand: either Kate Spade or Anthropologie!

type of food: I'm a big fan or Asian food and like Mediterranean food, like Greek, Lebanese... yum!

fast food restaurant: Chick-fil-a! or Taco Bell...

chapstick: Smith's Rosebud Salve is bae

shoes: I wish I had a more exciting shoe selection but I probably wear my white Converse the most.

social media platform: Instagram!! duh!

app: Snapchat has become a recent fave

season: fall closely followed by summer

breakfast food: waffles!

This was so much fun to make!!
What are some of your favorite things?

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Hi! :) I was looking back through when you left me a sweet book & blog recommendation and stumbled over to your blog to say hello! :) Loved reading about all of your favorites.. seems that we have a lot in common! XO