Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Peek Inside My Bedroom

I have been wanting to post pictures of my room for ages, but as I mentioned before this semester has just been crazy busy and I haven't found the time to do so. I just back to school from Thanksgiving break and haven't had a ton to do in these past few days, which is partially a miracle and partially procrastination. I decided to take advantage of the calm before the storm of finals and take pictures of my room! I know if I put it off until after finals it's just not going to happen, no better time than the present!

I am really happy with my room this year. My tastes and style have changed drastically over these past few years and while I typically have a more eclectic taste, somehow everything that I like just fit together really well. Recently I have been into a slightly minimalistic look, but also I love pops and color, as well as the whole Scandinavian and mid-century modern look, and I of course love anything and everything that is copper. I also have a couple little fun Christmas-y touches in my room right now too!

// bedding // pom pom blanket // throw pillow // London throw pillow // lamp // clock // floor lamp // cart // coasters // desk lamp // pencil mug // planner // headphones //

As you can probably see my room is just a mishmash of things, and most of it is just things that I have collected over time. I tried to link as much as I could! The things that I didn't link were things that I either cannot find anymore, I made, or they came from Home Goods or TJ Maxx. Also I am living in a university operated apartment, so things like the bed, dresser, and desk were provided for me by the school.

Hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my little space!
Thanks for reading!!

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