Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Baking

Hope everyone out there reading this is enjoying Christmastime! I cannot believe that it is already Christmas Eve!! I wanted to make one last Christmas post of the year and share two festive treats that I made this year!

The first treats I made are these pretty little linzer cookies.
I love linzer cookies, mostly just because they just look so cute and festive, them being tasty is just a bonus. I was really excited to make these too because I just got this cookie cutter set from World Market over Thanksgiving break. Linzer cookies are an Austrian cookie that originated from the linzertorte, which is a type of pie that usually has a crust that is made with ground nuts and then filled with jam. Linzer cookies are just the dough cut into cookie shapes and some jam sandwiched between them. I hate myself for using this comparison but they kind of remind of like fancy Pop-Tarts (literally 1000x better though). 

I used this recipe here and they were delicious. If you're looking for a recipe with American measurements I was going to use this one but we didn't have enough butter in the house (lol).

After I made the cookies I was debating over whether I wanted to make something chocolate orange or something that looked like Christmas puddings. I ended up making chocolate orange truffles and then decorating them to be Christmas puddings!
Are these not just the cutest things you ever did see?! Let me tell you guys these are so good and so super simple. Chocolate recipes make tend to make me nervous just because chocolate can be so fickle to work with, but these were super simple and they turned out fab! I used this recipe here and then just decorated them to look like little Christmas puddings. If you're an American and you're wondering where to get chocolate oranges and/or Digestives, either World Market, or I find most grocery stores carry chocolate oranges this time of year and check the international aisle for Digestives. Which, you could also easily substitute graham crackers for Digestives. In case you're wondering I used a dark chocolate orange for these and it is so good.
Hope you enjoyed this little post! I wish I had gotten it up sooner but as with everything life just took over!

If I don't talk to you all before Christmas, hope everyone out there has a Merry Christmas and enjoys spending time with their friends and family!

Thanks for reading!!

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