Friday, December 23, 2016

// Life Update //

Hey guys! Long time no talk (except not that long by my standards). I am finally on winter break!! I know I had said I was going to do the Christmas link-up, which I lasted for about a week (barely) and then life just got out of hand. Last week was insane, between the running around all week and the very little sleep I got, it should not be a surprise that I woke up Monday morning feeling a little under the weather. 
The majority of the week was spent finishing up school and taking finals, as I might've mentioned 2,000 times it was finals week, and of the 4 days of exams I had 5 finals, aka I had a final everyday and two on Wednesday, on top of that I also had a paper I had to write. There were also multiple nights where I just could not sleep because I was so wound up and stressed out that I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep. Which somehow Thursday, I managed to take my final, final (lol), clean the apartment, pack, and drive 4 hours home on about two and a half hours of sleep....
Instead of resting and catching up on sleep on Friday, some friends and I went to a concert in DC! Which this whole concert was up in the air all week due to ticket complications but we somehow made it there! Who did we see, you ask? Martin Garrix, random I know, I am typically not a huge EDM person but I do enjoy some Martin Garrix. Which let me tell you this concert was insane. For some reason this venue doesn't have the headliner go on until way late (aka Martin Garrix came on at 1am) and we had to stand through 4 hours of opening acts, FOUR HOURS. We had gotten there early so we some good spots, that we managed to keep until Martin Garrix came on the crowd got way pushier. It was still fun though, I can't say I am just dying to do something like that again, but I wouldn't not do it. I don't necessarily think I will go to that venue in DC again though.

Saturday was spent resting, we slept in late, and then went to Bob Evans at a little before 5 for a late brunch, early dinner, thing... haha.

Sunday, I celebrated my mom's birthday with the family. We went to the Kennedy Center to see the Messiah and then had dinner at Le Diplomat in DC. Which I highly recommend that restaurant, it's a really nice French restaurant in town and the food and atmosphere are both great! I had the beef bourguignon and I highly recommend it, not only was it the perfect meal for a cold winter day but the beef was so tender I could cut it with my fork. Also I highly recommend their house red wine, I am usually not a red wine drinker but this one had a lot of depth of flavor and it wasn't super heavy.

Unfortunately after my crazy week last week I am left feeling a little under the weather this week. I woke up Monday feeling exhausted and with a sore throat and today (Wednesday) I am just congested, snotty, and achy. I have been trying still be productive this week though because Christmas is on Sunday (ahh!!), and have been helping finish up with Christmas decorations. I also baked some cookies, so keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on those!
I decided I needed a new show to watch this week while trying to rest up so I started watching Sherlock and why have I not watched this before?! Obviously I have heard people talk about it and obsess over it for years and I now understand the obsession, it is so good. It kind of reminds me of a television version of Nancy Drew, except British and a guy. The show is just very British too (obvi it is BBC), and it has so much dry humor which is great. It seems like girls have always obsessed over Benedict Cumberbatch and I never understood why until now. I can't say I have joined the obsession, but I at least understand it more. Sherlock Holmes is just such an intriguing character and Benedict Cumberbatch is just a really good actor. Basically you need to watch Sherlock if you haven't yet!
Last, my absolute favorite drink at Starbucks is the white peppermint mocha, but I never order it because it has a ridiculous amount of calories (a tall with skim milk and no whip is still 320 calories lol). Anyways I made my own at home and it was quite delicious, still not a health drink but it is Christmastime!

Whew! This was a long post! Thanks for sticking around if you read it all!

Thanks for reading!!

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