Saturday, January 28, 2017

// Links //

Hey everyone! I cannot believe another week has already flown by and I have another round of links for y'all! Hope y'all had a good past week! Mine was good, nothing really significant happened, other than it was just the second week of school and it just kind of rolled on by. It honestly feels like I made last weeks "Links" post just yesterday! But I just happened to find more things that I really wanted to share!!

I am so amazed and encouraged by the Women's March movement last weekend and so sad I missed out! Luckily the movement is not over, look here for 10 actions that you can take part in for the first 100 days.

The list of nominations for the Academy Awards were released this week and I am hype. I am not a huge movie/celebrity follower but for some reason I get excited about the Academy Awards every year.

Following that here is an interesting article about the nominations for this year, with La La Land receiving an astounding 14 nominations.

These super cool pictures of Hawaii!

Casey Neistat went to DC for the inauguration and made this really interesting video.

BaubleBar's recent collaboration with Target is to die for!

Literally the cutest outfits on Sophia, my dream aesthetic.

A cookie dough cafe just opened and New York City... need to go asap (or need to stay away...) Here's the cafe's website, literally it all sounds amazing.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Goals for 2017

I know I am so late on the bandwagon on this post, nothing like making resolutions in the the middle of January! I usually never make resolutions just out of fear of not being able to keep them, but this year I decided to challenge myself, make a few, and post them online where people can read them eek!! What I've done in the past was made a few loose goals in my head of things I wanted to aim at, but I end up brushing them off and forgetting about them so maybe writing them down will help... We'll see...

1. Graduate.
This may be quite an obvious one, and an unavoidable one as I am on a one way street to graduation. I decided to add this first off, because I mean graduating isn't a bad goal and secondly because it is nice to have some goals that you know are achievable on your list.

2. Just say yes.
Fun fact: I am really bad at saying yes to things and challenging myself. I am good at staying in my comfort zone and I always worry about what will happen, but I want to challenge myself to say yes to more things this year for a number of reasons. First off, you never really grow as a person unless your challenge yourself and also you do not know if you will like something unless you try it. You know that saying, "Life begins outside of your comfort zone," I feel like it's true and I just want to try to challenge myself this year.

3. Figure out what I want to do with my life.
So here is my problem in life I am hard working and I do have drive and dedication but I am lacking in direction. I know if I had goals and aspirations and I would love to work towards them. But I just don't know what I want to do or what I want to do with my life and I would really like to have some sense of direction. About all I know is I do not really want a traditional desk job.... so yeh...

4. Be more creative.
I feel like creativity takes practice, just like anything else in life. No matter if you were born to be a "creative", I feel like practice is necessary. I feel like in order to be more creative you need to be actively practicing it and engaging in creative thinking. Things that "non-creatives" (which I hate that phrase because I believe anyone can be creative if they decide that they want to) do not understand is that brilliant ideas do not come with the drop of the thumb, it often takes a lot of trial and error to reach that brilliant conclusion. So, I just want to try to immerse myself in more creative things just to kind of grow that area of my brain. Hope this makes sense... hah.

Have you made any resolutions this year?
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

// Links //


As I've mentioned before these "Links" posts are one of my favorite posts to make. I just love finding and sharing the "latest," whether it be news, or fashion, or recipes, or DIY's or just random funny posts, I just think these posts are fun. I can kind of update you all a little on my life and also share things that I like and that have caught my eye.

This week ends on a bittersweet note. I finished up my last first week of school which is crazy, my 16 years of schooling will come to a close in less than 3 months. I am both so ready to graduate, but also not ready to face real life yet, as I have literally no idea what I want to do with my life. 

The inauguration also marks the end of this week, which is... it is what it is I guess... I am sitting here watching everything unfold while writing this, and while watching this reminds me of what an exciting event this is, I wish I felt better about the incoming president. Anyways, I don't really want to go on about this right now... Here are some interesting links for y'all!!

For those who are still uneasy about the inauguration yesterday, here is a great read on 20 small acts of resistance to make your voice heard over the next 4 years.

Leaving this here in case you haven't seen La La Land yet, because you totally should!

26 #thankyouobama tweets

Because the season finale of Sherlock premiered last Sunday here are 25 reactions to the final episode of season 4 of Sherlock (warning: contains spoilers!).

The new arrivals at Madewell *heart eye emoji*

The Women's March on Washington follows the inauguration and here's a really interesting article about the event!

A really good read on imperfection and how to be content in the imperfectness and reality of life.

Desk goals on Anthropologie's blog.

Here are 32 DIY's for the new year.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recent Etsy Finds

Etsy is a glorious black hole. I love Etsy, in case you have been living in a cave Etsy is an website that allows essentially anyone to easily open a shop and sell whatever their little heart desires. So Etsy is a platform that allows small business owners to easily get their foot in the door and sell the things they create, so they have a wide variety of unique and handmade pieces as well as it is a cool source to find cool vintage things as well.

I have been scouring the pages of Etsy recently and have recently stumbled across some really cool shops that I of course wanted to share!! I chose five shops that I have been loving to share, which I might end up making multiple posts like this just because there are so many shops that I love!!

one // two // three

Total Rifle Paper Company-esque. This shop is full of the cutest stationary bits from notebooks, notepads, calendars, and an adorable selection of cards. As well as adorable prints, banners, and hoops. All of her designs are just so lovely that anyone would love them!

one // two // three

I love all of the colorful and quirky designs that And Smile offers, they sell a variety of prints and pins that are just darling. She has everything from pop culture references like the Sherlock and Watson print (and I am dying over this pin set) to just darling designs of her own.

one // two // three

I love this shop it has the right amount of edginess and quirkiness, it's the cutest shop of hand embroidered pieces. They sell things from embroidered t-shirts, socks, the most adorable peter pan collars, and even dabble a bit with pins, and each item is complete with sassy sayings and cute images. If you like sassy sweet things this is definitely the shop for you!

one // two // three

Yet another stationary focused shop but what can I say, I just love stationary. Their designs all have kind of an old school americana feel to them and all are just beautifully illustrated. The typography on the greeting card is literally to die for. They sell everything from maps, stickers, pins & patches, notebooks, cards, and even some hats!

one // two // three

One of my first Etsy shop discoveries and a long time favorite of mine! Nikki is well known for these adorable biscuit pillows and has branched out into other things like pins & patches, a variety of accessories, some wall decor, and some stationary. Who would've thought making things out of English biscuits would be so adorable?!

As I mentioned before these Etsy shops are just a selection of favorites and I hope to do more posts like this! Do you have any favorite Etsy shops?

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Things I've Been Loving

(Cheesy quote to start the year off)
Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and spending time with family and friends!! 

So I've been kind of brainstorming a few different ideas for a blogpost and remembered making one of these "favorites" posts literally exactly a year ago. I wanted to post something a little sooner, but alas here we are. What's funny is that when I originally posted this last year I had the intention of doing these on a monthly basis and here I am a year later and this is only the third one I have made (el oh el). Anyways I like these posts because they are kind of a life update where a share little about what I'm doing, how I'm feeling, what I'm liking, as well as a couple rando pictures!
watching // Sherlock. Omg. I know I mentioned this a few posts back, but omg. I never thought I would be that girl obsessed with Sherlock, yet here I am. Seriously if you have not watched Sherlock yet, you must! As I said before the show is just really well done and it just has a very British feel to it. The characters are all really quirky and the humor is dry (which I have a fondness for both quirkiness and dry humor) and it's great. Edit: Omg. Last night's episode. oMg.

planning // What I want to do during my last week home before I head back to start my last semester of college!! Ahh!!

wanting // To go to Europe. And everything that looks the least bit cozy, aka any and every boucle, sherpa, and/or shearling coat on the market. Speaking of coats! I tried on this coat the other day at Nordstrom and they had it accidentally marked down and when I came back about a week later I upsettingly found out they corrected their mistakes. Super cute coat though, Topshop seriously make the best coats.

loving // A recent blogger fave that I have been loving has been "What Olivia Did..." Which she also fairly frequently will post videos to YouTube too, and I love her channel too. First off I just love her style it's a great balance of girly and casual and trendy and classic, she also has a great balance of fashion-y posts and more lifestyle related things, and lastly she just comes across really authentically and has a lot of personality which I love.

reading // Need. book. recommendations. I haven't read anything over break yet and it's actually really upsetting. I did get The Year of Cozy for Christmas so I have been flipping through that and I love it!
missing // My little pup during the holidays. :( Life without a dog is lonely. Also watching Sherlock has been making me miss London too.

feeling // Excited and nervous for the new year. This year brings lots of endings and hopefully lots of beginnings and I am anxious to see what happens!
wearing // So I got this robe for Christmas and wear it whenever appropriate. It is literally the best thing ever especially when it is a toasty 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

eating // Omg. Halloumi cheese. My recent favorite lunch has been some fried up halloumi, cut up veggies, and hummus, yum! I've also been loving Flahavan's oatmeal for breakfast. I am a grandma and I love oatmeal and Flahavan's oats are seriously so. good. They're just so creamy and have a better flavor.

drinking // Recently I have been enjoying a late afternoon cup of tea, and recently I have been indulging in the Royal Blend from Fortnum and Mason.

listening // I forreal need new music, I have been at a lost of what to listen to for the past few months.
Looking [forward to] // Using my new agenda!! I bought this planner from Rifle Paper Co back in August not realizing it didn't start until January 2017, so I am so excited I can finally use it!!

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