Friday, July 28, 2017


Hi there! I hope everyone's summer is going well so far! My has recently slowed down a bit, but it's left me in kind of a rut. I started applying for some jobs this week, so hopefully having something to do will help. I have to say though with all of the back to school stuff coming out I am totally ready for fall. I am tired of humid 90 degree days. Yesterday it was overcast with a high of 88 degrees and 70% humidity, yuck.

I may or may not have mentioned this before but I am a big Zoella fangirl. First I have been obsessing over her new house which you can catch snippets of in her recent vlogs. But, she was also recently a guest on this podcast where she discusses everything from her new home, to her career, and her struggles with mental health. 100% recommend.

If you are going to (or back to) college this year check out Ikea's Back to College page! They have everything from shopping lists, to a style quiz, and a College 101 guide!

Speaking of Ikea, Ikea is releasing some new products in August and they are to die for.

How travel can help you to be more creative, through opening you up to new perspectives. Not exactly groundbreaking but a refreshing read.

Not all of us can have the organizational skills of Monica Gellar, but here's a guide on how often you should clean things in your home!

An interesting piece on the use of clothing in politics, or as the New York Times refers to it "Pantone Politics." It includes three of my favorite things: fashion, politics, and the Royal Family (I guess four if you include Pantone).

A great piece from PLL star, Troian Bellisario, on her new movie that she is not only starring in but also wrote and produced, and why she wanted to focus on eating disorders.

33 Things You Need to Buy at Trader Joe's!

Gucci-esqe loafers at such a great price!

This apartment is what dreams are made of.

Hope it's mild and sunny where you are!!
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

Don't hate me, I know every blogger is currently talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale rn, but it is seriously great. I want to clarify that this post isn't me just joining the blogger hype and everyone's posting about this so I want to be in on it too, but this is me saying I genuinely supporting and getting excited about the sale. I have shopped at Nordstrom my whole life, my mom has legit had a Nordstrom card since the '80s(!!!), and I have gotten excited about the Anniversary Sale long before everyone and their mother started posting about it. The sale is not some blogger scam, it's something that has existed long before the blogging world and definitely something worth checking out. It's a great place to stock up on some basics, a few nice fall staples, or drop a hint to the fam about some Christmas ideas while they are marked down!

Long story short, I would be posting about this sale without every other blogger raving about it. With all that being said today I wanted to share some of my favorite finds from the sale. Which as of today, July 20, everyone can shop the sale!! I went in stores the other day and saw some of the pieces in person, and seeing everything in person made me love with it all 5,000x more.


So I always use the N-Sale to stock up on bras. I'm such a bra snob and Natori bras are my favorite and this is the perfect time to get them! I love this and this and I haven't tried this one but it has great reviews!

The last thing I need is raincoat but if I did this one is the cutest. I'm dying over this bomber, which is perfect for fall. I have been on the search for a leather jacket for ages and this moto jacket is so cute, I love the gold hardware! Last if you want a statement jacket I kind of love this.

Let me just say if you are in the market for cardigans there are so many good ones. I might have to pick up this BP one, I love the details on this one, and this Topshop one looks so cozy and dreamy.

This and this dress would be so cute layered with some tights and booties and this and this would be adorable over a tee. All great versatile pieces for fall!

I have been obsessing over pleated skirts lately and this and this look so lush. Perhaps not everyone's taste (my mom begs to differ) but I love them!

Speaking of Lush (one of my fave brands) this dress is such a steal in a great color selection (again so cute with tights and boots and perhaps a leather jacket), and the same could be said about this teethis blouse (I love the spotty print), and this shirt looks like a staple.

On tops this looks like such an easy fall staple and plaid shirts are always a must. I love this(!!) and this, which both look super basic but were just really pretty in person. Last I am always a sucker for a peter pan collar and this is gorge too.

I have also been obsessing over jumpsuits recently and this Topshop one is to die for and this one is equally as cute (and looks very Topshop).

Some comfy staples I love this sweatshirt. This hoodie and this sweatshirt are super cute too. I really love these jogger/leggings and moto leggings.

I have been into booties lately and I think these chelsea boots are adorable. I also really like these waterproof suede(!!!) booties and these TOMS ones are a steal.

There are so many mule loafers on sale which are so trendy for fall!! My faves are these basic ones, these embroidered ones, these velvet ones (the bee!!!), and this bow pair.

I love a good chunky heel and this, this, and this are no exception.

Love this mini backpack, this AllSaints bag is perfect for fall and even prettier and person, and this Kate Spade bag is a beautiful basic.

This and this are great scarves for fall.
Cute Home Bits

Love this Ted Baker cosmetics case and jewelry roll.

S'well water bottles on sale!! The only thing I have bought from the sale so far may or may not have been this water bottle (as seen above), and I love it so far. It seriously keeps my water cold for ages, and if you want to drink more water investing in a cute bottle is a great way to do it!

If I needed another travel mug (which I don't) this one is so cute (and it's rose gold!!)

If you're going back to school there are some really cute agendas on sale.

So many Surya rugs on sale! I love this, this, thisthis, and this.

In the market for some new bedding? I this and this are both cute classics and these Marimekko (1) (2) ones are so fun.

I always hear so many things about Barefoot Dreams throws.

Love this and this cheeseboards and of course this set of copper cheese knives would go perfectly with both of these.

And a few final random bits and bobs: I love a good pouf, this gorge mirror, the cutest copper lamp, and this recipe box.

Whew! That was a lot! But that was actually so much fun!! To make a long story short if I had to pick my top three current faves from this sale it would be this sweatshirt, this moto jacket, and these chelsea boots! Which all are adorable separately, I'm realizing as I'm typing this that they would all look cute together too!

Do you have any favorite pieces from the Nordstrom sale?

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Chronicles of a Modern Gal

Hello folks! So things may be looking a little different around here as I've recently decided to change things up a bit around here! Being a recent college graduate, about to step into the "real world" I have been wanting to buckle down and get more serious about blogging! With that I wanted to give my blog a little update to make sure that it felt like me. So while I am at home and should be looking for jobs, I am instead glued to the computer updating my blog, which I don't mind at all! Though let me tell you these past few days have left my brain in quite a tizzy. Like you know that saying "My brain has too many tabs open." First, that's my brain all of the time and then doing anything remotely creative it just gets ten times more intense, but alas isn't that the brain of every unorganized creative type?

The first thing you may notice is that my blog is no longer Wanderlust & Wardrobes. Wanderlust & Wardrobes was a name I thought of on a whim years ago when I decided to give blogging a go. It was a name that I was never very attached to and it never grew on me. So, my first step with that was giving the blog a brand new name. I spent many a days brainstorming and coming up with a thousand combinations of things before finally settling on Chronicles of a Modern Gal. When I came up with Wanderlust & Wardrobes it was simply because I liked to travel and I liked clothes. But as the years have gone by I know my blog is more "lifestyle" and not just clothes and travel. I wanted my blog name to feel more like me, which if I had a nicer sounding and shorter name I probably would just use my name, but Amanda Howdershell isn't exactly catchy or easy to remember, so it was time to brainstorm. I loved the idea of the blog name having an editorial feel to it, but I didn't want to limit my blog to a specific category, as I am a modern lady with a variety of interests! So Chronicles of a Modern Gal was born!

I've also changed the layout of my blog a little bit, I spent too much time working on all of these changes. But I think I got my blog to a place that I am more happy with! I'll probably be changing things around as the time goes by, but this is all my patience and my scattery brain can handle for right now.

I hope you like all of the changes!
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Things I Have Been Loving: Summer 2017

Now I do watch a fair amount of YouTube videos, meaning I am no stranger to a good monthly favorites video. They are in fact one of my favorite videos to watch, because not only do I get to learn  about cool new things, but I also love the personal aspect of it. In a way they are a sneak peak into that person's life as they share the things they have been doing and loving from the previous month.

So since there have been a good number of things that I have been loving recently I wanted to round them up and share them on here and create my own blog version of favorites. Now if I were to slap a month on these I have loved all of these things all throughout June and now that we're about halfway through July and I'm still loving all of these things I figured why not just make it summer favorites. Which I am not too sure why I am explaining this, because I do not really need to...

Also this isn't just beauty because in my opinion the more random the favorites are the better! I love it when people don't just share their favorite lip gloss but also a food they have been loving or a book, it just makes it that much more personal and interesting!!

So I am going to start off with beauty and get the "boring" bit out of the way.

Too Faced Sweet Peach ($49) First I have, of course, been loving my Sweet Peach palette. I got this palette for my birthday back in Febuary and have been loving it since. Before this it had been a minute since I had last gotten nice eyeshadow (that wasn't like a $5 palette), so for the past few months it has just been a treat to have new silky colors to apply. Apart from that the palette is a beaut and it has a great selection of neutrals, plus a little bit of purple and a mossy green if you're feeling crazy and want a little bit of color. It also smells of peaches, so who wouldn't want that right?!

NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt ($6.99) and Tarte Tarteist Matte Lip Paint in Festival ($16) So matte liquid lipsticks are all the rage rn and these are my two faves that I have found. I feel like nude and browns are super in, but neither of those are the most flattering shades on me, so I found my happy medium which are both of these! They are not too pale or too brown. The formulation of both of these is super nice too, they both apply really evenly and they are really opaque and they stay on forever too. Plus the Taste one has gorgeous packaging.

Essence Make Me Brow in Soft Browny Brows ($2.99) Now I am not the best with brows, which my brows don't require a ton of maintenance naturally but I do like filling them in a bit. I absolutely love this product though because I can add a little color and set my brows in one step. Plus the formulation also has fibers in it to umph up your brows a little more. The color is perfect too, it's a nice darker taupe. I'm a natural blonde but my eyebrows aren't very light so I struggle with finding brow products that are dark enough but not too warm toned and this is great.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer So I previously was using the Collection Perfection Concealer but I have to order that through Amazon to get it in the US (it's great though). But I really like both of these concealers too, they both have nice coverage and they are really creamy and easy to blend. I have actually been mixing the two together recently because the Maybelline one is too light for me right now and the Urban Decay one is the slightest bit too yellow.

Pink Wild at Heart Body Mist I picked this up on a whim during the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and I have been loving it. It's a nice, fresh, and fruity and it's not too sweet either. Perfect scent for summer.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips I picked this up on a whim at Target because the tin that it comes in was so cute and I actually have really been liking it. It's really smooth, moisturizing, and isn't as gloppy as regular Vaseline is. I'm a big fan of Smith's Rosebud Salve, but if you want something a little cheaper this is great!

Now onto the more fun favorites!!

I have been loving graphic tees recently, or just t-shirts I literally feel like all I buy are tees, this one from Topshop is no exception. I actually picked it up one a whim when I saw it at Nordstrom on clearance for $14.99 and I love it. It's the right amount of sass without being over the top and it looks cute with anything too! These sunglasses I picked up on a whim again because they were on sale, they're from American Eagle but are similar to the Ray-Ban pair that are everywhere right now. But I have been loving these, I think they are so cute and I feel uber trendy when I wear them. I really like the color of the lenses too. The last fashion-y thing is my new purse! I got this bag when I was in Italy and I love it. I have been wanting a satchel for ages and found this one in a little leather store in Florence and I love it!

I have been devouring magazines recently. I love Domino magazine, it is definitely one of my favorite design magazines and their most recent edition is definitely worth the read, with articles on Heather Tierney, the owner of the Butcher's Daughter, and Glossier! I also picked up June's Vogue because of the cover is gorge. I love Elle Fanning and she just looks stunning here.

I am currently reading Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han (maybe a little embarrassing to admit). It is the third book in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series. But I do love a good read that doesn't require much thought and this is that. I also relate to Lara Jean, the main character, so much. From her experience of applying to college and finishing senior to the fact that she was trying to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (literally me). It's also funny too because she lives in Virginia and I live in Virginia, so literally all the schools she keeps talking about are placing that I actually know of and have been to!

I have been loving Lily Collins recently too, I mean talk about a girl boss! She is killing it! I love her because she's different and quirky and has a sense of freshness to her on top of all that she is gorgeous!  I decided to pick up her book because it had really good reviews on Amazon. I'm still in the middle of it but I have really been enjoying it so far!

We're almost done y'all I just have a few Netflix faves!!

Can't forget those Netflix faves right?! First I have been loving Riverdale. If you have not watched it you must because it is really good. It's very loosely based on the Archie comics but in real life and darker. The story is gripping and there are so many twists and turns that each episode just leaves you wanting more. I also just love every character on the show because everyone is more complex than what you would expect (and I totally ship Betty and Jughead).<3 a="" binged="" days="" good.="" i="" in="" it="" literally="" nbsp="" number="" of="" p="" so="" this="" was="">

After finishing Riverdale (twice) I have decided to start watching Pretty Little Liars again. I used to love PLL up until the end of season 4/beginning of season 5 when I just got tired of it and it felt like nothing was happening in each episode. But I had a newfound inspiration to finish the series and it has seriously been gripping. Season 7 so far has been insane and when I think it can't get worse for the girls is does. I am almost done with the first half of season and the rest of it goes up on Netflix July 20, and then I'll be done with the whole series which is crazy!

Things I am Looking Forward to Reading:
My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella
Uninvited by Lisa TerKeurst

Things I am Lusting Over:
I have been dying over how adorable this dress is, but it's $$$.
Super cute pink slides at such a good price!
Another precious dress that everyone and their mother owns, but rightfully so.

Also! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow!!! Eeeek!!

Whew! That was a novel! Hope you all enjoyed reading about some of the things I have been loving recently! It was so fun to talk about everything!!

Thanks for reading!!