Friday, September 1, 2017


Yay!! Finally another links post! I know I have been kind of absent but my life has slightly picked up a bit recently. Anyways hope everyone's week went well!! If you are gearing up to go back to school, or have just started I'll let you know I'm 100% jealous. I so wish I was going back to school, never did I ever think I would be saying that. Anyways I recently started a new job, which has been an adjustment. I am working at a Kate Spade store, so my hours are all over the place. It's definitely been nice to have something to do and to be making money, but I am already miss being in school (never did I think I would say that). Anyways enough complaining about school, here are a few of my favorite things I have stumbled across last week!!

Cath Kidston (one of my fave brands) is launching a Peter Pan collection (one of my fave Disney movies) and I could not be more excited!!!

Shauna Neiquist's article for Darling on not having a plan. Having just been dumped out into the "real-world" and not knowing where my life will be in 6-months makes me so unbelievably uncomfortable, so this article couldn't be more timely.

A PSA for PSL.

Target's new brand, A New Day, is to die for!! I must say too, I went and tried a few things on the other day and was pleasantly surprised at how nice everything fit.

Okay I know I talk about Liv 24/7 but I love her and this outfit is to die for.

I enjoyed this Glamour podcast with Charli XCX where she talked about video for "Boys." Which if you haven't seen it, here watch, because it might be the best thing to ever happen.

The future is here. Cool new changes coming from some of your favorite brands and services, such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon.

The VMA's were this past weekend and here were some of the best dressed on the red carpet. I mean Lorde's dress is to die for.

Why are student council presidents are women, but are politicians are not. I took a class last year on women in politics, so I of course found this article really intriguing.

dodie (one of my faves) dropped a new EP a few weeks ago and it is to die for.

What?! Frankfurt is being evacuated Sunday because a WWII bomb was just found underneath the city!

Also Labor Day is this weekend, so here are some sales you might want to keep track of.

Thanks for reading!!

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