Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fall Trends 2017

Being a lover of all things fall fashion I 100% wanted to make a post on some of my current favorite fashion trends this year. I am hesitant to call these things trends as I'm not so sure how many of these are trends verses just things that I am loving. But, I have been very excited about the things I have been seeing in shops this season and wanted to share my excitement with everyone else. So without further ado here are a few of my favorite "trends" of this year.
Being a lover of ugly cute things I am loving the loafer trend and thanks to Gucci loafers have been everywhere this autumn and I am loving it. I know slides are the big thing, but to be honest I am not as big a fan of the slides as I am just the shoes but none-the-less here are some of my favorites on the market right now!
I'm not too sure what exactly to call this trend but I've been seeing space things everywhere and have been kind of loving it. This is different than that horrible galaxy trend from a few years ago, this is more like stars and moons and maybe some planets and I have just been loving everything that I have been seeing.

Shearling, sherpa, fuzzy things, again I'm not too sure what to call this trend but I have been loving it. I have automatically been drawn to any and everything fuzzy, teddy bear coats, shearling moto jackets, I want it all.
As a self-professed prude this one is kind of out of character for me. For some reason I've been drawn to mesh tops and mesh dresses especially if they're embroidered and/or sparkly. While I can't say I would just wear a bralette with a mesh top, I do love the idea of a mesh top underneath a dress or a mesh dress over a black slip or here's another super cute idea of how to layer mesh.
Chenille Sweaters
Last but not least I have been loving chenille sweaters and they have been everywhere this season. I don't know what it is about them, as I think they are borderline tacky but for some reason everytime I see them in I store I am drawn to it. I'm telling any and everything fuzzy I automatically want.

What are some of your favorite trends for fall and winter?


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