Monday, January 22, 2018


I admit I meant to post this yesterday and completely forgot, oops. With that being said I need to figure out a consistent day that I post these posts, but until I do that I guess these "Links" posts will turn up on random days including Monday... *insert no-see-evil monkey emoji*.

Now that, that's out of the way I hope you all had an amazing weekend, and that it was refreshing and left you ready to tackle this week. My weekend was not the most exciting, most of it was spent sitting on the couch watching the Olympic channel... random, I know. Anyways I had some fun links that I wanted to share, obvi, and hopefully this will be something fun for you to look at one a Monday morning!

A peek inside of Anna Bond's gorgeous house. If you didn't know Anna Bond is the brains behind one of my ultimate favorite brands, Rifle Paper Co, so this is must to check out.

Tasty Japan. For some reason I've been super into Japanese things recently and this Instagram is no exception. While I can't read anything, it still makes me want to try more Japanese dishes.

Airbnb's you need to put on your travel bucket list.

I recently picked up these shoes, in the green (although the pink is so cute too) and I am in love with them.

Perhaps not the most uplifting post but I highly recommend watching Aly Raisman's personal statements against Larry Nassar. While the whole situation is sickening, Aly's statement is empowering as she calls out not only Larry Nassar, but also USA gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee.

12 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to New York City. As someone who wants to move to NYC I was super intrigued in this article thinking it was probably going to be like "12 things that suck about NYC", but it was actually kind of an inspiring read.

I like food and I'm not scared of cooking, but the one thing that does scare me is meals. Nine times out ten I tend to choose what I'm going to cook based on the ingredients I have instead of figuring out a recipe and going to get the ingredients, so this stir fry guide is super handy for creating your own healthy concoction based off what you already own.

Last if you want something new or cozy to watch check out some of my favorite cozy shows!

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