Monday, February 26, 2018

10 Places I'd Like to Travel to Next

Coming home from Amsterdam the other week has left me energized and ready to go out and see the world. Travel has always been something I've loved and wanted to pursue, but there's always something about coming home from a recent trip that leaves you feeling recharged and inspired.

One of my favorite things is sitting down and dreaming up all of the places I want to visit one day. Not thinking about practicalities just dreaming big, so I thought it would be fun to share my top 10 places I want to travel to next! I actually wrote a draft of a similar post a few years back but for some reason never got around to posting it. It's interesting looking back at that post because while a lot of the places are the same, I have since been to a couple of the places that were once on that list! So here's a list of 10 places that I've never been to, but are at the top of my list to visit next!

1. Switzerland
Switzerland has been at the top of my list for years and will probably continue to be until I one day go because it looks gorg.eous. Nestled in the middle of the Alps Switzerland is full of crystal blue lakes, snowcapped mountains, and lush green hills. They're also known for foods like fondue, raclette, rosti, and chocolate so like sign me up, please.
2. Copenhagen
As a lover of Scandinavian design I've just been dying to go to a Scandinavian country to see it in action. Which really anywhere in Scandinavia has been on my list for awhile but Copenhagen is definitely the first on the list. Which is mostly because a.) Copenhagen looks adorable b.) it's home of The Little Mermaid and c.) it's also the home of my beloved brand Hay.
3. Miami
As an American and an American who wants to travel I think it's easy to dismiss places in the US, we often forget how vast the US is and how many cool places there are. While I know Miami has a bit of reputation as a party town, there's so much more to Miami than just clubs. It just look beautiful and it's full of art deco buildings and is a city full of art and culture.
4. Iceland
What a change of pace, Miami to Iceland? Again another destination that has been on my list for ages just because it looks beautiful. I'd just love to explore the country a bit and see the Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights (omg!). Our layover to Amsterdam was actually in Iceland which I was excited about but let me tell you the Reykjavik airport isn't all that exciting, and it's on this little peninsula so you literally see water until right when you land.
4. Japan
So admit I do have a soft spot for Europe, but I've been itching recently to go somewhere completely new and Japan is certainly at the top of that list. I know Japan is kind of the "trendy" Asian place to visit right now, but it just looks so cool!
5. Brighton, England
Okay so I have been to England (twice), but I've never been to Brighton. Which at the risk of looking like some huge Zoella fangirl. But she made this blogpost ages ago (like before she moved there) about visiting Brighton and ever since I knew it was a place I needed to go. Between the beach and the pier and the little town it just looks like the most adorable little town ever.
6. Portland
Another USA destination I'm dying to visit, along with Portland I also want to go to Seattle and Vancouver. First the Pacific Northwest just looks beautiful (see a theme?). Portland just seems like such a cool "hipster-y" city and it's most famously known for books, coffee, and donuts so the real question is who wouldn't want to visit?
7. Bali
I don't know a lot about Bali other than it looks beau.ti.ful. and warm and sunny and again gorgeous. Admittedly, I've mostly been wanting to go because I've seen other bloggers pictures and been like um, yes please.
8. Thailand
Again I don't know a ton about Thailand except that I want to go. Again it just looks beautiful and they have Thai food, so who wouldn't want to go?
9. Brazil
The only South American destination on this list, but I have been wanting to visit Brazil for ages. Again very different from anywhere I've been but I've just always been interested in going to Rio de Janeiro, it looks v cool.
10. Austria
Had to finish with another destination in my beloved Europe. Austria is home of the alps (so pretty), weiner schnitzel (um yum), and The Sound of Music (um yes please). I mean I have a thing for Europe and quaint European towns.

What are some places that you'd like to visit next?

Thanks for reading!!

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