Friday, February 16, 2018


I'm back at it with some more links! Hope everyone out there had a great week and a fun Valentine's Day. My week has definitely been great as I started this week off in the beautiful city of Amsterdam! Which I love Amsterdam and am already ready to head back and explore the city even more! Quick self plug: check out my Insta for some cute pics of what we got up to! Despite just getting back home on Wednesday I am totally already itching to hop back on a plane. The trip has definitely left me feeling refreshed and inspired and ready to tackle life (anyone have any jobs that will pay for me to travel?). Anyways I've been so good making regular posts recently I couldn't miss out on todays links post, which I do have a lot of fun things to share!

 Starting off on a more serious note, I usually like to keep things upbeat on here but in the wake of yet another school shooting I can't just brush past this. This is the 18th school shooting this year and the 30th mass shooting this year and let me remind you that it is only February. If this isn't a call for action then I do not know what is, while keeping victims those affected in our thoughts and prayers is a nice sentiment it will not prevent these shootings from happening in the future. Action must be taken to ensure the safety of not only American citizens but especially the children and teachers of our country. Luckily with a little light research here are 5 ways that you can start fighting gun violence now, be sure to check out this website to see your representatives stance on gun control, and here is a simple text that you can send to help join the movement to end gun violence.

Anyways back to regular programming...

I know Valentine's Day has come and gone but if you're still feeling post Valentine's Day blues here are 19 adorable things you can treat yo'self with (or just drool over).

This recipe is actually from last week, but I was just looking at it and I might just have to make some of these this weekend.

I've been v into street style recently (attempting to be cool) so I'm definitely drooling over these street style looks from NY Fashion Week.

With the Olympics in full swing take a trip down memory lane on the best Olympic figure skating costumes.

This essay is surprisingly encouraging for someone who just graduated and is very confused on what the "next step" looks like (ugh cringing at that cliche) aka me. Everyone likes to talk about their achievements but no one focuses on their failures or the before aspect and it's a nice reminder that success isn't automatic.

Hope you're not sick of hearing me talk about Liv yet but this post she made on friendship is definitely worth checking out. ALSO! She just launched a Podcast this week that I highly recommend!

I have to admit I fangirled a bit this past week when I realized Zoella's Amsterdam trip overlapped with my own. Despite the fact that we went to a lot of the same places I sadly didn't run into her. But you can bet I was definitely keeping close tabs on her over on Instagram (is that too creepy to admit?).

Absolutely loving Poppy's Valentine's Day look, which who says this look is exclusive to Valentine's Day?!

I admit I am not the neatest human, and I'm sure dozens of other creative types can agree. Here's a great read on how tidying up can help with productivity and creativity. Not that I've ever disagreed but it is certainly a nice reminder.

Thanks for reading!!

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