Monday, February 5, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Despite the fact that I'm single af I have begun to grow a strange fondness for Valentine's Day. Which I think is partially due to the popularization of the new holiday known as Galentine's Day (thank you Leslie Knope) and I have just fallen in love with the cheesiness of the whole holiday, all the super girly pink hearts and everything just get me every year. I know single people are supposed to hate Valentine's Day, but for some reason I don't... I think it is just a great excuse to celebrate the loved ones in your life whether they are romantic relationships or not.

So with all of that being said of course and of course me admitting I love the cheesiness of the holiday I of course have a gift guide full of pink and red and hearts. So whether you are on the hunt for a gorgeous something for the lady in your life or your just looking to treat yourself you have most certainly come to the right place!

I have to say I love everything and looking at it all next to each other just makes my girly little soul sing. I have to add one more little plug and say that if you check anything out be sure to take a peak at kikki.K's Valentine's collection because it is literally to die for. Also brace yourself for the Valentine's Day posts because I have a fair few coming up!

Thanks for reading!!

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