Saturday, July 14, 2018


It's finally Satur-yay!! Hope everyone out their had a great week! My week started off with a bang (so cheesy), or a bust. But Monday evening my car broke down at a stoplight, literally one minute I was sitting, waiting at the light and the next the light was green and my car wasn't moving. By some miracle I managed to get it off the road, but it was kind of traumatic and there were definitely many tears and phone calls involved. Anyways long story short the engine is busted and is currently being replaced. But other than that this week has been pretty smooth sailing, but I am for sure glad the weekend is finally here and I of course have some fun links to share today!!

73 Questions with Saoirse Ronan, have I mentioned that I love her?!

As I'm sure many of you are well aware the Nordstrom Anniversary pre-sale started this week!! A things I'm loving: this sweater (tho I do not need more sweaters), these pants, this top, and may have already bought this tee. Also can't decide if these shoes are cute or too extra/frilly...

I generally like to keep these links posts pretty light, but this article by Rachel Held Evans is v good.

Rose ice cream!?!? (Also if you haven't tried the Angry Orchard Rose Hard Cider I highly recommend)

Chloe Bruderer. I recently discovered her on Design Love Fest after saving basically all of the wallpapers she designed, but I am obsessed with her designs. She started a hashtag called #hotboiwithlacroix and it is seriously the brilliant thing ever, exhibit A.

5 Make-up trends that are currently trending in Korea.

I have been making this granola on repeat, no joke.

In case you haven't heard National Ice Cream Day is on Sunday so here is where you can get free ice cream.

Omg Ariana Grande's new song. queen.

Thanks for reading!!