Saturday, March 23, 2019


Hi everyone! Long time no talk! I haven't posted in so long because I just honestly haven't been feeling inspired or motivated to post anything. But that has recently changed and I want to start devoting more time to the blog again! Although I'm not going to make any promises because life is life. To be completely honest life has actually been hard recently and I've been struggling a lot with my anxiety. But I guess some good is coming out of this as it's inspiring me to do things that I enjoy, like creating and sharing! Anyways I figured what better than to come back with one of my favorite links posts!

My first link isn't so much a link as much as it is a recommendation, a Netflix recommendation to be exact. If you're into K-dramas (or even if you aren't) you need to watch Romance is a Bonus Book. It's the cutest, feel good drama and I just love everything about it.

This hilarious list of 10 Things That are Great in Theory, Disappointing in Practice is one of best things I have read recently.

Glossier just dropped a Mango Balm Dot Com and to be honest I was looking for an excuse to place a Glossier order and this was it.

Would it be links post if I didn't share a What's Coming to Netflix next month?!

For all of my fellow stationary pals here are 34 Pretty Desk essentials that you probably need!

To be honest I'm not super into mukbangs, but I have been loving Stephanie Soo. She's a really good story teller and I like playing her videos when I'm just doing chores or something around the house.

Anyways this list was short but sweet! The perfect little list of things to get me back into being more active on here!


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