Monday, July 29, 2019

New Room, Who Dis?

Soo I am currently living at home with my parents (woo). I'm not going to lie it's not my ideal location or set-up, but the price is right (aka free) and my parents are chill so it's not the worst situation either. Anyways I have spent the past few years hating my bedroom here, like the walls were purple, there was freaking weird monkey crap everywhere, and the kicker is that the ceiling was green. Oh! And the amount of holes in my wall from thumbtacks from all the various posters and things I hung up was ridiculous.

Long story short, I finally decided that I had enough and was going to paint my room. With a slow week ahead of me at work I figured it was time to get busy. So I marched over to Lowes to get my paint and brushes and things and went for it. Luckily I had already picked out a paint color back in December, oops, so I didn't have to go through the whole ordeal of finding what I wanted (it's Sherwin Williams Nebulous White btw). Before I knew it, a week later, I had a whole new space.

Anyways to get back into the swing of blogging I thought I would make a quick little post sharing a few snippets of my new room! But all you get is snippets because it definitely isn't anywhere near how I would like it and it's not like it's a giant room either.
My favorite part of my room! I wasn't a huge fan of doing another gallery wall, but I'm actually happy with how it turned out!
My cutie snake plant.
Desk things.
This shelf drives my perfectionist side crazy and I am just never happy with it, but here it is. Also the top half is too pinky and girly for my tastes....
Speaking of girly, just some girly things.

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading!!