Friday, August 30, 2019


Yay! Another post sharing some links!! I'm not going to lie my motivation behind when I decide to post one of these is I usually stumble across one thing I want to share then scramble around to find some other neat things. Soo, yeah. Hope everyone out there had a great week and is ready for the long weekend! I for one am so ready for fall! Very much ready for jeans and leggings and fuzzy sweaters and sweatshirts omg. In the meantime while I try to patiently wait here are some fun things to browse!

So this is the reason for this post, the Hailey Baldwin (Bieber), Princess Diana pictures. They are amazing and everything at the same time.

So I saw this Madewell sweatshirt on an Instagram ad the other day and kinda want it for one reason. I used to be obsessed with this Gameboy Advance game (whoa) called Harvest Moon growing up so when I saw this I was like omg. I just don't really have $75 to spend on a sweatshirt rn though... sad. lol.

This sweatshirt is so cute too!

Speaking of shopping related things I've been eyeing this bag for fall, it's so cute!!

For a girl who hates heels this article about flat shoe trends is a dream.

Making these cookies this weekend.

This dreamy Marine Serre Fall/Winter collection.

So I've been trying (and failing) to be on Instagram less recently, but here's an interesting article about stopping looking at your phone before bed.

Thanks for reading!!

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