Monday, September 16, 2019

Brighton Bucket List

Surprise! If you follow me Instagram then you might've seen that I am going to London soon, but what I've yet to share is that I am also going to Brighton!! So the original plan of the trip was to go to Paris for a few nights, but we instead decided to head to Brighton instead! Basically anyone and everyone who knows me knows how much I've wanted to go to Brighton, aka I've been talking about the place for years (i.e. I've also mentioned it on the blog here and here).

Semi-funny story, I was actually telling a friend about it the other and she knew about it from Pride and Prejudice! In case you're not familiar with Brighton it's a little town on the English seaside, that literally looks like the most adorable place ever.

So today I wanted to share a bucket list of the things that I want to do during our short stay in Brighton. We are only going to be there for 2 nights, so one full day, so we for sure want to make the most of our time there!







Anyways I'm so excited to finally go and experience Brighton irl!! I will for sure be sharing pictures and about my experience while I'm there to stay tuned for more Brighton related posts!!

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Friday, September 13, 2019


Happy Friday the 13th!! Hope everyone had a great week and has some exciting plans for the weekend! My week was a bit slow. My parents are off adventuring around Italy while I am stuck at home with a baby pug following me around. Although I can't complain too much as I do have some exciting things of my own coming up! Including some road trips, concerts, and overseas trips all coming very soon!! Anyways I digress as my current weekend will be spent working, which I'm not entirely complaining about as the money will be much appreciated at the moment. Anyways here are some fun links to kick off the weekend!

The Mansur Gavriel Fall 2019 collection is dreamy (quite literally clouds and all).

It's no secret on here that I'm into K-beauty, here are 6 Indie K-beauty brands to know about, which I must say they are all very aesthetic.

I recently discovered this brand, AYR, and am obsessed. It's a women founded brand that is full is quality basics. Still a bit out of my budget but a girl can dream!

An expensive roundup of socks, random but as a sock lover I don't hate it.

This article of useful tips for finding good travel deals. Believe or not it is possible to travel without much money! I myself am a testament of this! lol

Fun fact: I love books! Whether it's reading them or just looking at them (lol) I love books! Here are 10 ways to store your books that aren't bookshelves. My personal fave are the books in the fireplace.

This may be a tad premature but love this Halloween decor idea!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

ultimate designer bag wishlist

It's funny that I'm posting this because I am 100% not a handbag girl at all. But every once in a while I'll watch a few luxury handbag related videos on YouTube (recently namely Alyssa Lenore, her style is 100% to die for) and I'm honestly amazed by how invested people are in handbags, which thus rubs off on me and makes me want to be just as invested. Though to be honest my invest lasts about as long as it takes me to look up the price of any said handbag and then I loose interest. But for kicks and giggles I thought it would be fun to share a few bags that I would totally get if I had buckets of cash.

As I previously mentioned I am really not a handbag girl, I've literally been carrying the same Madewell Zip-Top Transport Tote for the past year and a half (which is looking dingy af). With that being said I am also incredibly picky with bags. I'm not a high maintenance gal so with that I really don't like anything that looks high maintenance. So for the most part I stay away from anything super structured and basically everything that you have to carry like in the crook of your arm. So to put it lightly there has been much deliberation over the bags on this list.

Chanel Gabrielle // As a total luxury handbag amateur this bag has been a recent discovery of mine and I am obsessed. I have never really lusted over Chanel until discovering this bag. I just love how this bag is simple and not too frou-frou with a bit of edginess thrown in. I actually found a "dupe" for this bag on Yesstyle and am highly considering getting it because it's just such a "cool girl" bag.

Mulberry Mini Alexa // Really throwing it back here, if you follow handbags you know this bag is olddd news. So much so that they don't even make this bag anymore. I just think it's the dreamiest cutest little thing. I have no joke wanted this bag since high school and it's probably the most affordable one on this list too.

YSL Star Bag // I can't say I specifically want this specific bag (although I wouldn't complain). But YSL does so many different things with star motifs and I am obsessed. In case you don't know I love stars and if anything has stars is just makes me want it that much more.

Gucci GG Marmont Top Handle // No one can deny that Gucci is having a moment rn, they are absolutely killing it. With that being said I think the Marmont Top Handle bags are just darling, either the small or the mini is super cute too. And my favorite feature of this bag is the quilted heart on the bag, let me tell you it's always the details that gets me.

Loewes Small Puzzle Bag // Another new to me bag that is dreamy. As I've mentioned I'm not particularly fond of super structured bags and I absolutely love the shape of this. It's structured but not too structured. I also think it's so perfect in the tan color.

Chloe Mini Faye Backpack // Okay so Chloe bags are dreamy, not one can deny that. After the Mulberry Mini Alexa this bag has probably been on my wishlist the second longest (lol wut). Again, I don't think they are making this bag anymore but I still love it. I don't know what it is about it but it's just the most darling, chicest little backpack that I am just dying over.

What are some luxury bags you've been lusting over?
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